Apart from rescuing sick stray and farm animals AAE develops various projects concerning the improvement of living conditions for domestic and wild animals and organizes workshops and awareness campaigns

AAE organizes weekly workshops in the poorest areas of the city, where our vets treat wounded animals. AAE vet team have had great success on the streets of Alexandria helping working animals. The clinics expanded to help farm animals as well.

The animals come to the weekly clinics with a variety of conditions ranging from parasite infestation, influenza and respiratory complaints, to injuries from accidents. The list is long and all of the owners and handlers are most grateful to receive this medical help because without AAE these animals would go untreated and would carry on their duties in great pain and discomfort.

After  2 months of struggle in finding a new location and a new vet team, when AAE clinic resumed its activity , horses, donkeys and farm animals found their way back to us and their owners were extremely happy to see us again doing workshops in poor areas. They came from every where with big smiles and they had their special celebration because they don't have the money to treat their animals. Sadly they do not rest or seek medical attention for their animals, which is totally wrong and some times leads to death. 

 Animal Aid Egypt conducts  awareness program


Animal Aid Egypt  awareness program at the Alexandria Zoo, Egypt

On the 7  October  AAE conducted an awareness/education program for about 100 people including children at the Alexandria Zoo. The children and adults had activities to complete, were read stories on how to avoid dog bite attacks to prevent rabies, how to care for the environment and show humaneness to all animals including farm animals, working animals, domestic pets and wildlife. It was a very successful day and all Children who attended received a gift. Well done to Animal aid egypt team and Volunteers organising this event. More events will be held soon



A sick mule finds some people who care


Recently a very sick mule came to our clinic that needed some on-going treatment and care.

Our clinic does not have a stable or yard to keep large animals but fortunately our building

doorman and garage owner allowed the mule to stay for a few hours in the garage basement

while it was given treatment and monitored. After a few hours the mules condition improved

and the mule was able to go back to work. In this country equines are used solely for the

purpose of work so in this case and most others, animals have very little time to rest and

recover from illness and injury. At least our clinic was able to offer some respite and give this

animal the medicine it needed which otherwise would have gone untreated


Our  Clinic meets and helps a very special street dog

 On March 1st our clinic manager finds this dog [ in pictures below] including a couple of her mates in very bad condition on the back streets of Alexandria. The dog is ravaged by ticks, mange, starvation and worms but she still manages to remain calm and friendly, letting our vet- Dr Mohamed Nagy, Samir, our vet assistant and Amr our AAE volunteer to treat and handle her. She must have known from the calmness and kindness shown by our vet team that they were there to help her, not add to her pain and suffering. She and her companions will be visited regularly with follow up treatment and food so street life will become less of a hardship. Thanks to our AAE clinic team who continue to do great work with these street animals.
NB. AAE does not have a shelter for these street animals so until we do, we will keep assisting and helping these animals that live on the street by sterilising, vaccinating and worming and in many cases feed them as well

 Today the Animal Aid Egypt clinic team visited a very poor area of Alexandria called Abokeir. They treated a number of horses and donkeys with very bad wounds on their backs and bodies. The team even had it's first two rabbits come to the clinic. Thanks to Ann, Dr Mostfa, Tarik and Samir many animals were treated and owners spoken to about looking after their animals better

Some  workshops were run for school children to educate and foster awareness and kindness to animals. AAE, with WSPA publications and involvement of the Donkey sanctuary taught the children about caring for their pets, how to avoid being bitten by a dog, donkey care and awareness, re-homing and adoption of strays plus many other topics.

AAE has been conducting successful workshops and awareness programs for children and adults(at Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria Zoo, etc) to educate and promote animal welfare and humanity to all animals. Activities conducted were drawing, face painting, origami, a question and answer session. There were also story readings on  how to avoid dog bite attacks to prevent rabies, how to care for the environment and show humaneness to all animals including farm animals, working animals, domestic pets and wildlife. Audience is encouraged to read and take information from the display.

AAE and wildlife in Alexandria 

AAE team is consistently involved into Alexandria ZOO operations. Our vet staff  treated some wild animals inside and succeeded to get freedom for Kareema Elephant, during the day. Unfortunately she is still chained at night [leg chain still attached] but at least this is an improvement on her days when she was chained day and night over a period of 35 years. 

AAE team has filed police reports against people trafficking in lion cubs and the exploitation of these animals in private zoos and entertainment venues.

AAE continues to be involved in governmental committee meetings to find feasible solutions for the protection of exotic species in Egypt. A media campaign was also begun alerting the public to the smuggling, exploitation and terrible abuses of animals used in circuses
Our team was also involved in improving the conditions that reptiles are being kept at Africa Safari Park.. While there the hippo was treated and quarantined and work continues with the owner to improve the enclosures and living conditions of the lions, hyenas, bears and chimps.

AAE will continue to fight and enforce laws to protect animals kept in private zoos, theme parks, government zoos and circuses as well as smuggling and wild animal trafficking.

One challenging request AAE faced in the past is an alert to a crocodile that needed rescuing. Our team promptly swung into action with our vets advising the rescuers, a German family what to feed and how to look after the animal until a team arrived to take the animal safely to the Giza Zoo in Cairo for further treatment and care. This crocodile was AAE's first wildlife rescue.


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