BOBOS STORY.....Hoda Mohamed

Hi, I’m Bobos, I got a beautiful color, now I’m going to tell you my life story while I’m staying at AAE with Ann, she is a very kind to me and to all my friends. When she is staying at the AAE I feel so comfortable and happy, and when she return back to her home, I sit and remember my past life ,,,,, I was living a very happy life with my owner, she was kind to me. And I gave her a lot of love when she go to her job I stayed in front of the door waiting for her till she came back and beg her everyday to not to leave me again, but she didn’t hear me at all, I was like to sleep on her shoulders, and I try to make everything in the right way to not to make her upset from me, when she get sick I stuck to her till she get better, I like to play and jump everywhere,,,,,, one day my owner left the door of the apartment opened, I really wanted to see what was outside, want to see how the street look like, and when I started to walk, I found that the street is crowded full of people, and cars, nothing good at all on the street, so I decided to return back to my owner, but suddenly I found that im lost, and I was starving so I try to find some food on the street, while I was searching for food, a huge bad cat wanted to fight with me, I try to fun away be he bit me on my eye, in this moment I feel that my eye hurt me so much and I couldn’t see with it, I don’t know about what had happened to my eye, and at the end of the day my owner found me, when I so her I feel happy again and feel that I feel life again, but I couldn’t express my happiness to her because I was really feel with a lot of pain, and at the morning she take me with her, and we went to AAE to fix my eye, but I heard people say that I will not able to use this eye anymore, and I have to complete my life with one eye, when my owner heard that she said that she don’t want me anymore, she don’t want an ugly cat with one eye, she left me there at AAE, and she never came back till now, I remember that one day she had promised me that she will not leave me and I promised her that I will love her an unconditional love, but she when she saw me with one eye she forget everything and every lovely moment we had spend with each other, and now I leave my life here with my friends and Ann at AAE, and now I need a new lovely home, and a new lovely owner to love me and take care of me, and on my side I will love him more than I love myself, I will play with him all the time, I will obey all his orders to me and I will be loyal to him. Please I need to give love to someone who will became very special to my, and he will be all my life. And for sure feel free if you want to change it or remove it at all





 luna story ...bySophia Jacques

Luna is a beautiful golden Retriever. She was a happy dog, healthy and full of energy, until one day she fall down from the 5th floor of a building. She was severly injured in her back and needed to be operated. Her owner took her to an unexpereinced Vet who unfortunately did not know how to handle Luna's case. As a result, Luna is now unable to walk on her rear feet, she is nearly paralized and needs to be operated urgently in her back. In addition to that, the owner has even abadoned her and never came back to see her. Since that time she is at the AAE in Alexandria who are taking care of her, and spare no effort in making whatever is possible to cure her and make her feel happy. The AAE has consulted several good VETS and after many meetings and consultations, the decision was that Luna's operation will be conducted by a real good experienced VET and it would cost around EGP 6000. The operation is expensive for Egypt, but what is worth seeing Luna walking and running happily again??? Doesn't Luna deserve a second chance in life?? This message is addressed to ALL Animal Lovers, please open your hearts to Luna and help with your donations in giving her a second chance. Let us all work hand in hand, and remember, TOGETHER we can achieve that. Let us give all people a lesson of how REAL HUMANS should act. Please help Luna, and may you be rewarded for that. Thank you.

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