AAE rescues dozens animals per month. We usually succeed in finding them new homes. We intend to present you here the most impressive cases and animals who need special care or animals in immediate need for an adoptive parent or foster care.

Unfortunately the lack of space in AAE clinic does not allow us  host all stray animals but only those that are sick and need treatment.

However, we try to encourage our supporters to take care of stray animals and we created a Facebook group called Animal Aid Egypt-Adoption where all animal lovers may post their announcements about animals in need for new homes.

For our newest cases and latest updates about adoptions please check our blog page and our Facebook group.

Animal Aid Egypt-Adoption Group

                                                                                          June top rescues




Animal Aid Abroad - A Horse called Sultan

Sultan was rescued from the streets of Egypt after our clinic manager - Ann discovered a horse in a very poor weak state with a horrific wound on his back. She was able to bribe the owner to immediately stop working the animal and our vets were called to take a closer look. Upon a closer inspection by our vets it was decided that Sultan needed alot of care and help so it was decided to compensate the owner and take possession of Sultan. Sultan now lives at a stable leased by AAE where he gets daily treatment, rest, food, care and lots of love.

Sultan didn't have a name before he came to us but he now has a name, a good home and the care and love he never had before.

May top rescues

CAIRO was found by NORHAN(ANN)AAE MANGER , hiding under a car. He could not move, he was emaciated and in deep pain. We could hardly catch him and brought to our clinic. Unfortunately Cairo's back legs may never recover but this wonderful dog is still holding on and fighting to regain his mobility. He tries to move, almost crawling his back. One of AAE supporters from abroad offered to buy him a special adjustable cart that will help Cairo move again. Having in mind that the cost of such a cart is very high we really appreciate Tim's offer and we thank him once again!


Bondok -was hit by a car and he was probabily paralized and missing for days. Our volunteers brought him to us when they found him again. We waited for the senior vet's opinion about his case. The verdict was bad: he will lose one of his legs. We called him Bondok (Brown) because of his color. Bondok  had a surgery and he is fine now even if he moves in 3 legs. He is a very kind and humble dog. He needs a loving “parent” and he will reward him with tons of love!

This horse was brought to our clinic by car as he could not walk at all. After our vet examined and medicated him he stood on his feet again.
Link to AAE Adoption group  

BOBOS: we were called by a woman who's cat was injured. We could not find out what exactly happened but the cat's eye was badly damaged. She asked for our help as she could not catch it. We brought the cat into our clinic and performed a surgery. Unfortunately his eye could not be saved.Bobos has only one eye now and his master (the woman who called us) did not want him anymore as he lost his eye.  We tried to contact her many times but she did not answer the phone.
Bobos is in very good shape and he is healing well. He badly wants to go out and looking forward to find our door open. We wish to find an adoptive parent for him as he may be attacked and killed by other cats if released on the streets.

Gamila: was brought with a broken leg. She was injured by car. She was adopted by Ayda the animal lover who found her.


CHESTER was abandoned together with his sister in front of our door and he was adopted by a lady. He is one of our lucky pets who found a new home

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